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Counselling and Psychotherapy for Individuals

Have you recently experienced a specific difficulty and you're looking for 'a way forward'? Counselling can help you untangle emotional and relationship dilemmas, re-discover yourself emotionally or physically again after illness, maternity/paternity, loss, infidelity or divorce or help you make a challenging professional or personal decision.

It's not always a crisis that makes us consider external support. You may feel a more general dissatisfaction with parts of your life or relationship or find it difficult to handle certain situations. Psychotherapy or psychosexual therapy may be particularly helpful in those instances.

Common problems:
  • I feel anxious and stressed most of the time and it's affecting my work and relationships
  • I'm taking anti-depressants and need help to cope
  • I find it difficult to communicate with others or be assertive
  • I can't find any meaning or aims in life
  • I have difficulties in my sex life
  • I'm worried that I (or someone I know) might be an addict
  • I have relationship problems with my family (or friends or work colleagues)
  • I'm going through an emotional crisis
  • I'm dissatisfied with my life and I don't know why.

    While therapy can't offer miracles, it can boost self-esteem, untangle emotional dilemmas and provide support during difficult times and you might want to consider therapy for any feelings or patterns of behaviour that are holding you back from experiencing life fully.

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